Tests and Results




Change to Blood Test Appointments

Due to a high demand for blood tests, if you need a blood test and an additional treatment, this will need to be booked as two separate appointments.

Bloods samples can only be taken in the morning as they are collected at lunchtime each day. This has resulted in fewer phlebotomy slots being available.

To combat this, we are now only taking blood samples in the morning, leaving the afternoon for other appointments such as ECGs, dressings etc.

Image of patient receiving test results

Unfortunately, this means that if you need both an ECG and a blood sample taken, it will be over two separate appointments.

We do apologise for any inconvenience.

Call the surgery now on 01580 713622 to book your appointment


Results of Tests and Investigations

We will contact you only if a result is abnormal and you require treatment or further investigations. You will not be contacted if your result is normal.

We encourage you to use the NHS App to view your test results. You can download the NHS app using the links below.

Access NHS App

Access NHS on a computer

Alternatively, you can contact the Surgery after 3pm to enquire about your results. The administrative staff will give results to you or you may be asked to speak to the nurse or doctor.

Results will not be given to anyone other than the patient, or for children their parent or guardian, except in exceptional circumstances.