Local Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is important to us all!

Wellbeing in the Weald

It’s not just about eating well and doing exercise.

Wellbeing is more to do with feeling good about ourselves, getting the most out of our lives and feeling connected to other people. It enables us to cope when life gets tough or when our health suffers.

Wellbeing in the Weald has been formed by a group representing a cross section of the community including a local GP, Dr Dineli Charlesworth.

Our aim is to organise new and promote existing wellbeing activities in the Weald including community walks, lunch clubs, choirs, volunteering and other social activities that bring people together on a regular basis.

Our first project will be a variety of Wellness Walks in the New Year to suit people of all levels of health or disability.

We are keen to hear from anyone (16-106 years) who would like to help set up or simply attend our wellbeing activities and events. If you are already involved in an activity that promotes wellbeing, please let us know!

You can contact the group via hello@wellbeingintheweald.co.uk


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Try out Cranbrook’s community choir!

compass choir

The Compass Community Choir meets in St Dunstan’s Church in Cranbrook on a Wednesday from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

The Choir is open to the whole community no matter what age (under 16's accompanied by an adult) or singing ability. It has been fortunate enough to secure the expertise of Ginger Millington; experienced in running several community ‘rock’ choirs assisted by Frances Yonge, a musical director.

The Choir’s aim is to bring people together in an uplifting experience that enhances social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As a not for profit organisation, once start-up costs are covered e.g. venue hire, photocopying of music, payment of choir-leaders, the choir will be self- funding and raise money at its concerts for local charities.

We all know there is an epidemic of loneliness and mental health difficulties amongst all ages and backgrounds but not all require medication, counselling or indeed a diagnosis. At Orchard End Surgery we are keen to promote the idea of us all being pro-active in taking care of our mental, not just physical health.

Why not come along to our next session? Or if you would like to find out a little bit more then email: compasschoir2019@gmail.com.

It would seem that singing is indeed the best medicine!

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